KaskalaI have been working the daily quests in Northrend as my main builds his dwarfish way to level 80 (yeah, I am #latetotheparty as usual).

One of my favorite things is doing the three daily quests with the Tuskar faction and get a Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole at Exalted. I really enjoy playing the fishing minigame in Wow and it pays to fish, back in the BC expansion I used to sell all the fish I caught and cooked for a hefty profit on the AH (thats the in-game auction house to you). I remember virtually paying for my very fast flying mounts with various buff foods cooked from fish. I can’t listen to the Gorillaz anymore without imagining the hours spent in front my favorite place waiting for the fish-on sound.

The exploration of the world is one of the things I love the most about Azeroth and WoW in general. The rep grinds are just silly repetition quests to disguise the experience/leveling grind but in this case the locations of the Tuskar (Un’pe/Kaskala, Moa’ki, and Kamagua) are very well designed, gorgeously rendered areas. Warcraft sometimes gets bashed for its cartoony and somewhat dated look, but the graphics fit so well and are themed well. Catching a sunset off Chillmere coast while questing has to be one of my all time favorite moments in WoW.


WoWScrnShot_102609_221137Trying to get all the Tricks or Treats Achievements in World of Warcraft before the holiday ends. Tricks and Treats of Azeroth:

Complete the Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Outland Tricks and Treats achievements.

During the Hallow’s End event, each inn has a Candy Bucket which both starts and ends this quest. Clicking a candy bucket offers the option to take a handful of candy; taking the handful of candy completes and gives you credit for the quest. There is no separate turn-in. Each candy bucket has a separate instance of this quest. You can loot each one once during the event.

Candy Buckets can only be found in inns that allow you to set your hearthstone there. Buildings that look like inns but have noinnkeeper, such as in Moonglade, do not have Candy Buckets.