Food time out!

Ochazuke is the green tea over rice dish that is beloved in Japan and steeped in tradition.. It is one of those foods that can be both beautifully simple and yet hard to master.

Basic ochazuke is a handful of rice with salmon flakes or or umeboshi on top, flavored with a bit of nori or daikon radish. Over this is poured hot green tea making a soup.

from the Wiki:

In Kyotoochazuke is known as bubuzuke. When a Kyoto native asks if a guest wants to eat bubuzuke, it really means that the person has overstayed and is being politely asked to leave.

Now, though, instant ochazuke mixes just use hot water, the tea and other ingredients are powder and freeze dried.

Ochazuke instant is one of my favorite lunches and I am going to have to try this in a traditional way with Salmon and hot tea.

One of the funniest videos I have seen lately from YouTube, the cat cracks me up: