M.O.V.E.One of my favorite bands:


One of the most creative bands right now, funky europop music:

m.o.v.e (also spelled as M.O.V.E; formerly known as move) is a 3-member Japanese musical group. The group consists of Yuri (Masuda Yūri(益田祐里?)) on vocals, Motsu (Segawa Mototaka (瀬川素公?)) on the rapping, and T-Kimura (Kimura Takashi (木村貴志?)) as the producer.

m.o.v.e is perhaps best known for the unique style with which they blend rock, rap, electronica, metal, and many other genres into their music. m.o.v.e are also well-known for their contribution of opening and closing theme songs for the Initial D series. These include around the world,Rage your dreamBREAK IN2 THE NITEBlazin’ BeatGamble RumbleDOGFIGHT, Blast My Desire, Nobody Reason and Noizy Tribe. The also provided the opening theme for the anime series Ikki Tousen with their song Drivin’ Through the Night as well as the ending theme for the anime Final Fantasy UnlimitedRomancing Train, and the ending credits for KOEI’s Dynasty Warriors 2 video game, Can’t Quit This!!!! ~KNOCK’EM OUT~ [SH FUNK MIX]

Gonna move ya:

Blame it on me … Blame it on me …

So how many years behind the times am I? I just discovered how much of a perfect tool You Tube is for watching music videos…

Marillion performing Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven) live:

there are some days when the internet is like a memory machine, keeping precious memories alive. So many afternoons spent listening to Rush on a cassette player, working on gaming and reading paperback sci-fi novels. The teenage years of life and the zeitgeist of those times.

Red Barchetta is still one of the greatest songs ever. Even moreso because it does not fit into the silly 3 minute-repeating chorus meme of radio. Exit Stage Left performance from 1981.