A highlight of the Gencon experience for me was trying the food trucks outside the convention center.

With my love of Asian food, it was a no-brainer to try the Seoul Grill truck which featured Korean BBQ in various forms.

The first stop I had the Rice Bowl, marinated beef with three different kinds of kimchi and sticky rice. I honestly have never had white kimchi before. This was so very good, crazy cool/hot contrast with the spicy red kimchi.

The rice bowl was so good that I went back the next day to try the Korean tacos. I figured that to beat the insane wait for the food I would show up early and before the crowds … hah! This plan failed spectacularly … the line formed before they even opened for service.

The tacos were spicy pork with various greens on tortillas, so very very good!

Check out their facebook page: here.

This is something to look forward to for next year’s gaming pilgrimage.

ramen from Shinasoba KibiBrian from Ramen Adventures checks in to update on the ongoing Ramen Champion contest in Shinjuku.

Its still going despite the blackouts in Tokyo although it did not seem crowded from his pictures.

Lovely bowls of soup, visually my fav is the Sinasoba ‘version up’ pork ramen.

Interesting way of voting for your champion too, just drop your spoons in the bin corresponding to your choice, 4 spoons is 4 votes. Who will win the ramen championships?

Cheese and shiso gyozaReading sleepytako’s review of Gyoza 603 and it makes me hungry for dumplings…

Cheese and Shiso gyoza, thats different but also scrumptious if done right…

We have been trying to find someone who imports good gyoza but nothing beats a freshly made gyoza dumpling.

hands down my favorite issue so far of Oishinbo manga is the Ramen and Gyoza issue.