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Battle of Vienna

The anniversary of D-Day, MOGG decides to play a table groaner Battle of Vienna.

Whats a table groaner?
Battle of Vienna

See the above photos. When the table groans from the weight of thousands of miniatures….

Battle of Vienna

I ran the Wallachians, we occupied a precarious position between a rock and and hard place.

Battle of Vienna

despite reaching the wall, we were overun from the rear and decimated …

Battle of Vienna

Pics from my tabletop miniatures game on Saturday with friends. We played an English Civil War scenario using the War Without Quarter rules set. I really like the rules set, plays very fast and very simple. Cards for each unit are picked from a face down stack and the unit revealed activates and can perform a manuever. When a commanders’ card is revealed he can also give orders to units within range so therotically a unit can manuever three times during each turn. Of course things rarely work out as planned … 

a full blow by blow write up of the game is here at Jeff’s blog with some great pictures (click the distorted versions on the left).
some of my pics with crappy phone cam are above. Linkie to my Flickr set is here.

The Mars Attacks Miniatures Game

Last week the miniatures wargamming group I am in played a super fun scenario. One group played the Earthling defenders and the other played the invading Martians. I was on the Earthling side but sadly my Mitchell bomber got rammed by a Martian spaceship a turn before I was going to unleash a 1000 lb. bomb on the greenskins.

This scene was where one of out Earthling mechs finally got the better of one of the invading Martian Tripods. Dave did an excellent job with the minis for this game.

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