Tonight I am hosting the weekly #RPGchat on Twitter. Our usual hostess – @d20Blonde is away visiting family so I volunteered my services for the chat lead.  The topic is chosen and reminders have been tweeted, stop in if you can ..

The other project I have gotten into via Kickstarter is d20 Morningstar. This is a RPG using smartphones and GPS to play out a fantasy RPG. From the d20 Morningstar website:

d20 Morningstar is a mobile role playing game that mashes geo-location with d20 game mechanics. Players search their world for monsters, traps and other player characters; and then interact with those encounters to earn experience and loot.

This sound intriguing especially from the standpoint of being a Dungeon Master and setting up quests for other players. Think of setting up a quest in a park where the players smartphones/GPS are leading them through to the goal and fighting the monsters along the way, intriguing blend of reality and fantasy…


Thursday nights 9-10 on Twitter is the #RPGchat discussion.

In case you are not familiar; a Twitter hashtag discussion is where any number of people across Twitter converse on a topic.You simply add whatever the hashtag being used to your post and set up a search for that hashtag to view all the relevant posts by the people joining in.

On Thursdays from 9-10 EST there is an ongoing chat for role playing games (pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons style).

I am going to start archiving the discussions for posterity, with Tweetdoc generating a .pdf every Friday or as soon after as I can.

On 3-31-2011 the discussion topic was player buy-in, or getting players to feel really part of an on going campaign world. The archive at tweetdoc is here (go to the bottom of the page and scroll up to see the convo as it happened.

I get a few more seconds of my 15 minutes of fame checked off.

I was on Twitter the other night when @shibuya246 tweeted that he was playing golf in Chiba (a prefecture of Tokyo for the uninitiated). His pic included Mt. Fuji so I replied back that he was a lucky dog to be playing golf near Mt. Fuji. He took a screenshot of the replies so I got immortialized in a popular blog. Yippee!
Shibuya246’s coverage of the golf outing and speeding ticket afterward are funny to read.
BTW, Twitter is very fun! ^_^  
lots of good people to follow on that screenshot, too, hint, hint  ^_^

(photo credit to Shibuya246 of course)

First up is a fun article from Nihon Sun about the 25 things that are must do while in Japan. Shane uses the communication power of Twitter to add to a unispiring list from Japan Times with very interesting results. Boarding the Yamanote line at 7:27 sounds likean invitation to a crushing death, Going to Sado Island for Earth day and seeing the KODO taiko troupe would be simply indescribable. Those are from the original Japan Times article, but the suggestions from the twitter responses add so much more:

@ajep would like to find a quiet suburban temple on New Year’s Eve & listen to the temple bells at midnight before hatsumode.  He also wants to watch sumo basho (tournament) from the front row

@JapanMike suggests seeing a Soran Bushi (traditional Japanese folk dance song and dance) performance live. He says “It’s one of the most awesome spectacles I’ve seen, especially when it’s on stage.”  View Soran Bushi on YouTube

@tokyotopia wants to go to the Nagano tree rolling festival – and hopes she won’t die doing it!

next up is 10 things NOT to do while in Japan. I know it would be hard to adjust to a squat toilet but I did not think the Emperor of Japan posed for photos. 

Number 4 –  Go for overly priced cocktails at The New York Bar overlooking the lights of Shinjuku in a lame attempt to recreate a scene from Lost in Translation.

no worries there, those scenes were my least favorite in that movie..

Number 2 –  Attempt to order a California roll at a sushi restaurant and wonder why the chef is giving them a funny look – it’s sushi after all isn’t it?

this kind of stuff mystifies me … why the hell would some go thousands of miles to eat McDonalds’ or the same kind of sushi they get at home? Yeesh …