Gundam Odaiba

Ever closer to completion, now the lights, sound and steam is on for the Odaiba Gundam …

Now all we need are rules for movement and combat …

photos via Danny Choo, btw)

Word of this movie has been spreading through the American ex-pat community so I watched the trailer. Some of the word has been disparaging, people knocking it for being schlocky, unrealistic, etc.

An American girl gets dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo. She searches for a meaning in her life while struggling with the culture clash and decides to try her hand at making ramen. The grumpy chef who trains her reminds me of Pat Morita in the Karate Kid for some reason.

I figured I would at least give in a try, it looks watchable (and since when have Hollywood script writers cared at all about realism?).

I have a tendency to like movies other people trash.

Trailer is linked below:

Maid Cafe flyers

When I was geeking out in Akihabara on my Japan trip I made it a point to save some of the maid cafe flyers.
Maid Cafes are kinda like Hooters for geeks. Pretty girls (how pretty is all relative of course) wear maid uniforms while serving food and drinks to geeky otaku…
or so I am told anyway….
having a girlfriend got in the way … (grumble, grumble)
Maid Cafe flyers

Aggghhh, I looked up directions in Google maps to get from one place in Tokyo to another and all that kanji  broke my brain. I wish there was more hiragana in use for the names of the trains and stations. I am afraid of missing a station and getting all fouled up in Tokyo. I have barely begun to decipher kanji. This video helped me a lot in deciphering what was going on. Thank you IES and YouTube uploader … (gotta love the GIJoe reference he throws in at the end  ^_^)

(I also love this time lapse video of riding the Yamanote loop in Tokyo, thanks to J Train Freak on

oh ok, i got it now … thanks to this Wiki entry that explains the Odakyu-Odwara train line. I can even count the number of stops we would need to watch for. What did people ever do in the days before Wiki?

From TokyoCooney’s YouTube blog Life in Tokyo

Life in Tokyo #59: Baseball

the look on Cooney’s face after the insane cheering japanese fan says it all:

A Week in Tokyo 32

I have been absolutely enamored of Danny Choo’s blog lately at

Especially good is his Week in Tokyo picture blogs. Danny is an otaku and web designer who runs a web company in Tokyo. He does a picture blog of daily life which is absolutely fascinating stuff. The pictures of Tokyo blow me away.