rc_ramen_cartfrom the this-is-so-useless-its-totally-cool dept:

The latest in a long line of strange and wonderful gadgets from Japan, this remote-controlled vehicle is modeled after one of those Ramen noodle carts you might see on the streets of Yokohama (mama).

The tiny noodle cart runs on 4 AA batteries, and can cruise along at up to 5 kilometers per hour. Luckily, it’s not really a runaway cart, and can be stopped, started and steered with the included RF remote control.

via Gizmodo and Technabob. original (Japanese) from Rakuten.

Tampopo – what a Ramen movie should be

During the bashing of The Ramen Girl movie the movie that came up time and again was Tampopo. I decided to take a chance on this movie and order it from Amazon instead of The Ramen Girl.

Wow, This is a good movie. Highly recommended. Two truckers stop at a small ramen shop to get some food. They agree to help the owner develop her skill in cooking and getting the shop going.

What follows is all about love, life, and the ways that food and eating have embedded themselves into our culture.
Go order this movie, NOW!!

Word of this movie has been spreading through the American ex-pat community so I watched the trailer. Some of the word has been disparaging, people knocking it for being schlocky, unrealistic, etc.

An American girl gets dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo. She searches for a meaning in her life while struggling with the culture clash and decides to try her hand at making ramen. The grumpy chef who trains her reminds me of Pat Morita in the Karate Kid for some reason.

I figured I would at least give in a try, it looks watchable (and since when have Hollywood script writers cared at all about realism?).

I have a tendency to like movies other people trash.

Trailer is linked below:

In keeping with the Oriental theme  🙂

A couple of blogs I have been following –
Ramen Adventures – A teacher in the JET progam blogs about his travels around Japan trying and rating ramen shops.
also have been poking into The Ramen blog – Love the story behind the Gomen shop’s name that he posted with his review of the place. He also is American rather than Japan based and reviews the California ramen scene.
Also I am really digging Pikko’s Adventures in BentoMaking which I mention in the post below. She makes the seemingly simple bento box lunch look scrumptious. Desceptively simple, and so appetizing.