Tampopo – what a Ramen movie should be

During the bashing of The Ramen Girl movie the movie that came up time and again was Tampopo. I decided to take a chance on this movie and order it from Amazon instead of The Ramen Girl.

Wow, This is a good movie. Highly recommended. Two truckers stop at a small ramen shop to get some food. They agree to help the owner develop her skill in cooking and getting the shop going.

What follows is all about love, life, and the ways that food and eating have embedded themselves into our culture.
Go order this movie, NOW!!

Word of this movie has been spreading through the American ex-pat community so I watched the trailer. Some of the word has been disparaging, people knocking it for being schlocky, unrealistic, etc.

An American girl gets dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo. She searches for a meaning in her life while struggling with the culture clash and decides to try her hand at making ramen. The grumpy chef who trains her reminds me of Pat Morita in the Karate Kid for some reason.

I figured I would at least give in a try, it looks watchable (and since when have Hollywood script writers cared at all about realism?).

I have a tendency to like movies other people trash.

Trailer is linked below:

Nite Owl and Blue Beetle are green with envy upon seeing this contraption (via Japan Probe):

5 centimeters per second

(the speed at which cherry blossoms fall)

I have had the US DVD for this sitting around for a while now but have only just gotten around to watching it.

It is three separate short stories around a boy named Takaki Tono at three different stages of his life, as a young man, as a teenager, and as an adult. The story focuses around the love of his life and the distance that comes between them and then the effect of that the relationship has on the rest of his life. Episode one is the story of Takaki and Akari (his first love) trying to getogether one snowy day as the weather and distance conspire against them and tells the story of how these two have fallen for each other. Episode Two has the now teenage Takaki in high school and on a small island, and tells the story of Kanae and how she both falls in love with Takaki and realizes that her love will always be unreturned. Episode three has a now adult Takaki working as a programmer and still looking for Akari in faces around him, which causes strife in relationships he has and keeps him from moving on.

This anime showcase’s Makato Shinkai’s flair for beautiful animation and poignant storytelling. The visuals are just gorgeous with the night scenes in Episode 2 and the snow covered countryside in episode 1 being strikingly beautiful. 


Cherry Blossoms fall at 5 cm per second

Cherry Blossoms fall at 5 cm per second



This is simply gorgeous even if not good astronomy

This is simply gorgeous even if not good astronomy



This has vaulted to one of my all time favorite animes. Grave of the Fireflies and 5 Centimeters Ser Second rank as the only two animes ever to make me cry. Takaki’s struggle to reach Akari moved me to tears. I love how it is open to interpretation at the end of the story, what happens next after Takaki walks away from the train crossing is your interpretation.

Watch this film, you’ll love it. Trust me.

A friend wants me to look for Mothra DVDs in Japan. 

I am a fan of the Toho studios tokusatsu films so this will be an easy enough request. Might need to write done the Kanji for Mothra and remember to get a region 0 DVD. Would love to find something that has subtitles and not those horrible horrible atrocious dubbed American voices.
Rebirth of Mothra triology of fims looks good. Hopefully I can find a set in open region DVD.

Somedays I just lurv the internets. Another remix of Downfall with subtitles for Hitler’s reaction to the giant Squid no longer being in the ending of the Watchmen…. 

“I should have listened to Stalin.” “Now Watchmen is ruined. And all the arrogant fatcats in Hollywood with their fancy suits don’t give a shit.”

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