Fun Stuff

It was such a beautiful, clear night here that I could not resist going out to look at the stars and hopefully catch the International Space Station as it passed overhead.

Learning to identify the constellations was something that fascinated me as a child growing up, I would have loved to have an app like the Google Sky Maps for Android smart phones.

This past weekend I managed to check one of the points off my personal bucket list with a visit to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We also spent some time exploring the North Coast lakefront park as well. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the RRHoF so I cannot convey too many images and am trying to avoid the dreaded “Wall of Text” So I am going to limit my post to photos I was able to snap in the entrance. The HoF is a great visit for anyone who grew up listening to music and loves its history and influence on culture. Exhibits extend through many decades stretching back to the roots of rock and roll in Bluegrass and Folk to modern day with lots of important figures present. There is a good section devoted to the technology of music; how things have progressed since the days of the wax cylinders to the mp3 and personal music players. A lot of the memorabilia on exhibit was stuff on loan from musicians and its nice to see things like old stage costumes preserved.










For some reason the outside reminded me of IM Pei’s pyramid at the Lourve, maybe not immediately identifiable with music but it also will not age or become dated.










There were several cars hanging, all decorated and artistic. This brought to mind the British influence on Rock and Roll.









They had Johnny Cash’s tour bus parked outside.

The special exhibit at the Hall was “Women Who Rock” a look at women whose music has influenced us through their music.