The Fullmetal Alchemist:  Brotherhood anime series is available for viewing on Hulu. Since I missed the FMA series the first time and being a little stingy (not wanting to spring for the box set) this series seemed to be the perfect chance to get into the FMA series without breaking the bank. The FMA is set in a fantasy world based on post industrial revolution Germany where magic and science are blended into “alchemy”:

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two alchemist brothers searching for the legendary Philosopher’s Stone, a powerful object which would allow them to recover their bodies (which were lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life through alchemy). Born in the village of Resembool from the country of Amestris (アメストリス Amesutorisu?), the two brothers live there with their parents. Their father, Hohenheim, leaves home for unknown reasons and years later, their mother, Trisha Elric, dies of a terminal illness leaving the Elric brothers alone. After their mother’s death, Edward becomes determined to bring her back through the use of alchemy, an advanced science in which objects can be created from raw materials. They research Human Transmutation, a forbidden art in which one attempts to create or modify a human being. However, this attempt fails, ultimately resulting in the loss of Edward’s left leg and Alphonse’s entire body. In a desperate effort to save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm to affix Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor. Some days later, an alchemist named Roy Mustang visits the Elric brothers, and he tells Edward to become a member of the State Military of the country to find a way to recover their bodies. After that, Edward’s left leg and right arm are replaced with automail, a type of advanced prosthetic limb, created for him by his close family friends Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako.

Picked up the new Evangelion 1.01 movie today. A series reboot for the Neon Genesis Evangelion series that broke all kinds of TV records back in its day. Hopefully this will have a better ending to the series than the original TV anime had. I got the ending and the way it tied in with Shinji’s emotions but it was really fit together properly. Too many plot threads were just simply dropped and completely ignored for it to feel properly wrapped up. Rei is idolized beyond almost another anime character, even with the moe explosion of recent years, But to me her character was to dereft of any emotion (deliberately) to have that appeal.

The life sized Gundam in Odaiba is officially ready for action. ( Via Danny Choo)

The Odaiba Gundam

The Odaiba Gundam

Odaiba Gundam 9

The life sized Gundam being assembled in Odaiba, Tokyo is almost complete. Pew Pew!

(photo via Ken Lee)

via Pink Tentacle:

“Unko-san,” a new anime series about a brown turd-shaped fairy with lots of luck, is fast becoming the rage among high school girls in western Japan. Short episodes of the anime are now showing in the Osaka area on Kansai TV’s “Otoemon” music program. The stories revolve around Unko-san — whose name is a play on the Japanese words for “luck” (un) and “crap” (unko) — and his quest for happiness on Lucky Island, which is populated by a host of other poo fairies.

I am a bit speechless, as fastidious as the Japanese can be about hygiene and cleanliness every once in a while you encounter something that makes you just shake your head.


opening screen (via Wiki)

opening screen (via Wiki)

So I am sitting around reading something or other one day when my girlfriend comes home from the store with a Gundam DVD in her hands. She just randomly saw it on the 2.99 rack and bought it for me, “isn’t that one of the robot shows you like?” She had picked up Disc 1 of the 0080 – War in the Pocket series and made me a happy man. ^_^


Finally got to watch it today as I completed my daily exercise ride. First episode fitted right in with all the usual Gundam mythology, kid who glamorizes war and dreams of being a mecha pilot, femme fatale, real cost of war on civilians, Newtypes, etc….

The animation shows it age and the characters are definitely straight out of the late 70’s. 

The show starts off with a band as Zeon mechasattack a Federation base but only slightly miss their target as it blasts into space. the story switches to a young boy, Alfred, in school on the nuetral space colony Side 6. Alfred andare trying to prove that the Federation has Mobile Suits of its own and Alfred sneaks into the space port’s military area to attempt  photograph a Federation MS Gundam. Alfred fails to see one but on the way home encounters a young girl who used to live on Side 6 but has been on earth for some time. The next day while at school more Zeons attack the colony.

One thing I love about the Gundam series is its focus on the real cost of war and not the glamourization of it. The Zeon attack rampages through town, narrowly missing the boys and their school and the Zeon Gundams crush cars and destroy building while civilians cower nearby.

good stuff, definitely looking forward to the rest of these.

from what I have seen other summations around the ‘net Queen’s Blade anime is a VERY heavy on the fan service. Maybe a little to heavy for me. Shin over at Atarashi Prelude pretty much summed up my feelings. Way to much boobage and fanservice for my tastes. I am an adult and do not mind a little bit here and there but …

ah well, K-ON! is looking good so far, although we are only one episode in. the only fanservice shot in K-ON! was a completely blacked out upskirt shot. Thank goodness. The animation is very good and smooth and the girls are actually realistic although their arms tended to the pointy blobs at times, maybe it was a style brought over from the manga? The girls pretty much fit into roles without being cardboard cutouts usual in anime. They seem to be not meant as drool-over for the perverts but more real than most although Yui’s as the “clumsy girl” can be a bit over the top. She kinda redeemed herself by actually being honest with the club and admitting that she knows nothing about playing guitars. K_ON! will be on my watch list.

from Tokyo Mango:

Tonight in Roppongi happened already, but if you happened to have been there you would have seen the debut of this 7-meter tall aluminum fire-breathing robot called Giant Torayan. It’s actually the creation of artist Kenji Yanobe, and it’s part of an awesome art project that will transform the entire neighborhood into an alien robot-themed wonderland

This looks awesome, I want one for the front yard.  (image by AP)

working my way thru the Desert Punk complete collection. Up to episode 18 – Asagiri Junko tries to convince Sunabozu to help her fight off a sniper who apparently wants to force her into marriage. Of course oversexed Kanta agrees imagining the horror of losing the object of his (lustful) dreams to another man. 


Sunabozu wiki page.


(spoilers below)

Things get really interesting at the end when the troops Kanta and Kosuna assume are government beat Kanta into the sands and leave with Junko after ripping up Sunabozu’s contract. The act of ripping a contract shocks Kanta into disbelief (which allows the thugs to jump him) and freezes Kosuna. The episode ends with a swollen Kanta telling Kosuna simply “Let’s go.” and starts walking home. Kosuna is a bit shocked at Kanta’s sudden quiet and we are left speculating as to what will happen and whether those guys were really Oasis government.

Man, I really really like the change in tone to the darker stuff after episode 12. the political entanglements are right up my alley, love that kind of stuff. Makes me want to get a copy of the manga.

Sunabozu part 6 DVD

So this is the anime everyone is holding their breath over?


It looks,  well a bit odd story wise. I could not get the setting, is it near future or present day or alternate time?  love to see more about those wierd phones they have … animation looks great … 

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