In-Bruges-movie-posterIn the grey moral morass of modern society there are some very certain boundaries which are not crossed. The harming of innocents is one of those lines. How we react to those line-crossing events can define us and shape us in subtle and extreme ways.

In Bruges the dark comedy from  Martin MacDonagh we see the  results of life choices rebounding on people and their rections. Colin Farrell in an excellent performance and Brendan Gleason star as Ray and Ken two British hit men who are sent to the Belgian city of Bruges after a hit goes wrong and told to wait for further instructions from their boss Harry (played to the hilt by Ralph Fiennes).

Ray cannot stand sightseeing in the historic town for one second while Ken in having the times of his life looking at the building and churches, just what went wrong on the hit explains rookie hitman Ray’s nervous energy and inability to sit still. Colin Farrell won a deserved Golden Globe for his portrayal of the conflicted Ray.

Ken is eventually told to kill Ray for his mistake but Ken refuses and instead puts him on the train out of town and Harry shows up to get the situation in hand. The resulting gun battle and both surprising and unsurprising deaths and satisfying make this one of the best movies I have seen recently. Combined with film within a film references of the movie set Ray and Ken encounter and their own by-play as they tour the town which is excellent, the human side of the movie is so well done and is never boring, a common pitfall.

This is an excellent movie and very well done.