<a href="Contemporary Japan: History, Politics, and Social Change since the 1980s (Blackwell History of the Contemporary World)"" “>My friend Jake Adelstein posted some very interesting excerpts from an early book detailing problems that Tepco had before the Fukushima disaster and how it was almost inevitable that a disaster involving the TEPCO Nuclear plants would occur. This book tracks previous incidents that were a direct result of the corner-cutting and willful negligence by the Company in the past.

There have been disasters in the past but obviously nothing on the scale that has happened after the tsunami and earthquake in North Japan. I am still of the opinion that the meltdown’s full extent has never been told and will be hushed up, much as people do not realize the full extent of the meltdown that occurred at Three Mile Island.

Adelstien also has an interesting op-ed piece exploring whether the incident would have occurred whether or not the tsunami hits, just on the effects of an earthquake, its an interesting speculation given the gross mismanagement.

When you keep running the same nuclear reactor for over forty years, ten years past the date it was supposed to be closed down—that’s insanity. Because any rational person would you tell you that the risk of a nuclear disaster taking place increases every year, with every unfixed problem, with every sloppy inspection, with the normal wear and tear on each part of a reactor that was never designed for an earthquake ridden Japan in the first place.