The venerable classic computer that many of today’s geek first cut their teeth on was the Commodore C64.

Now Gizmodo tells us that the classic beige box is making a come back next month.

With the innards of a netbook (Atom CPU and Ion2 graphics) but including a DVD or optional Blu-Ray, instead of a cassette tape drive, and with plenty of USB/HDMI ports this will be a modern machine capable of being hooked to any modern monitor or HDTV (for an extra wave of nostalgia) . The keyboard is lovingly crafted to recreate the classic IBM feel and sound.

The system will ship with a Ubuntu Linux OS but will have an icon to launch directly into C64 OS for 8bit retro computing (games anyone?). They are working on a Commodore OS 1.0 complete with classic game package and will mail this to buyers when complete.

Link to CommodoreUSA webpage is here.

The geek in me wants this now!