April 2011

The venerable classic computer that many of today’s geek first cut their teeth on was the Commodore C64.

Now Gizmodo tells us that the classic beige box is making a come back next month.

With the innards of a netbook (Atom CPU and Ion2 graphics) but including a DVD or optional Blu-Ray, instead of a cassette tape drive, and with plenty of USB/HDMI ports this will be a modern machine capable of being hooked to any modern monitor or HDTV (for an extra wave of nostalgia) . The keyboard is lovingly crafted to recreate the classic IBM feel and sound.

The system will ship with a Ubuntu Linux OS but will have an icon to launch directly into C64 OS for 8bit retro computing (games anyone?). They are working on a Commodore OS 1.0 complete with classic game package and will mail this to buyers when complete.

Link to CommodoreUSA webpage is here.

The geek in me wants this now!

Thursday nights 9-10 on Twitter is the #RPGchat discussion.

In case you are not familiar; a Twitter hashtag discussion is where any number of people across Twitter converse on a topic.You simply add whatever the hashtag being used to your post and set up a search for that hashtag to view all the relevant posts by the people joining in.

On Thursdays from 9-10 EST there is an ongoing chat for role playing games (pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons style).

I am going to start archiving the discussions for posterity, with Tweetdoc generating a .pdf every Friday or as soon after as I can.

On 3-31-2011 the discussion topic was player buy-in, or getting players to feel really part of an on going campaign world. The archive at tweetdoc is here (go to the bottom of the page and scroll up to see the convo as it happened.

After two weeks of owning a Nook Color, let me give some verdict.

Overall its a winner, color+touchscreen for an e-Reader is just what I was waiting for. Barnes and Nobles’s website does experience some downtime but its been minimal for me. What sealed the purchase for me was that you can buy (single issues) and subscribe to magazines.  In order to fit the full size magazine to a 7 inch screen they have an article view which displays just the articles’ text in column form (no ads, yay! but no photos, boo!) this is the one feature I love the most, being able to subscribe electronically to magazines.

The touchscreen works well although it definitely lacks some sensitivity, its hard to get pages to flip at times. You gotta wonder if B&N cheaped out there.

Battery life is good although the color screen does drain power, I can get a days worth of reading out of a charge.

The Nook is WiFi only so you will need wireless to download books and magazines.

hmmm, if you think prices on tablet computers are excessive then look at installing Android OS 3.0 on a Nook Color and get a 250 dollar tablet computer. Sweet, I am tempted to try this for myself….