Io9 has a very good rant about the Flash Forward TV series that aired on ABC this fall. I liked the series but it started to suffer from Lost-itis with too many storylines and more being added all the time. Maybe when it comes back it will be better, but since its broadcast TV… My biggest beef with the series is in the way we seem to be getting no closer at all to a resolution of just what is the cause of the flash forward event.

from io9.c0m: Even without strong characters, a good plot can still suck you in. But FlashForward doesn’t have a good plot, or even a particularly linear one. Instead, it’s all over the place, mixing in terrorist threats with Blackwater-esque corporate conspiracy theories, star-crossed lovers and medical dramas, murder mysteries and soap operatics about marriages and alcoholic fathers relating to their long-lost daughters… everything except the science fiction behind the FlashForward, which has become the McGuffin that gets lip service every now and again. In fact, there’s so much everything that the show feels not just unfocused, but incoherent. What’s FlashForward actually about? Ten episodes in, I’m not sure that I really know anymore. And that’s a pretty big problem.

Lost became lost when the plots never reached any sort of conclusion at all, all we had was more and more plots held together by good characters. Lets hope Flash Forward doesn’t go the same way.