Motoroal-Droid-by-VerizonVerizon’s answer to the popularity of the iPhone would be in the new Droid line of Android based smartphones. The first two of which appeared on 11/6/09 in the form of the Motorola Cliq (called the Droid by Verizon) and the HTC Eris.

I went to a Verizon store for some hands on to get a real feel for each and can definitely say that the Droid is very nice indeed. The Eris may have more appeal to users specifically wanting its smaller size and rounded corners, but the speed of the web on the Motorola Droid when loading web made it feel like a mini desktop. The lack of muti-touch and Sense UI was apparent when zooming in and out of web pages but the extra screen real estate compared to the Eris and the resolution made browsing using it very nice indeed.

I am a little disappointed in AT&T not upgrading their 3g networks and expanding their coverage when they have the popularity of the iPhone to bank on. IMHO, their 3g should either be better or they should be dumping into 4g to leapfrog Verizon. But thats just one man’s opinion…

In short, IT MUST BE MINE!

(it also seems that the rumors of Verizon getting a variant of the iPhone once AT&T’s exclusivity contract runs out may hold a kernel of truth …)