Monday, September 21st, 2009

21sep09_leafevThe new all electric Nissan Leaf will make a whoosh sound, copied from the Police Spinners from the movie Blade Runner. via EnGadget:

One of the major disadvantages of electric vehicles, for petrolheads at least, is the lack of engine noise. How can you be proud of your beastly motor if it doesn’t roar? There are mundane considerations like pedestrian safety too, but that’s beside the point. Nissan seems to have uncovered an old copy of Blade Runner in its toolshed and decided that, yes, it might be a good idea for the Leaf EV to emit a whooshing sound inspired by the Philip K. Dick adaptation. If implemented, this will raise the car’s price somewhat, but wouldn’t you pay a premium to have your auto sound like a jet taking off? The Leaf is expected to arrive in the US in 2010, replete with its reputed 367 miles per gallon efficiency.


What the physical desktop looks like after a major cleaning and reorganizing … Maid Mikuru helped clean and reorg. The virtual desktop is kinda hidden but

I have been using Chrome extensively for a while now and it works solidly for me. I switched because Firefox refused to render a page correctly and I tried Chrome to find it worked. By the weeks end I was using Chrome all the time and have stayed with it since. It renders blazingly fast and works like a charm, the low user/market share means it has not been a target for hackers and there are some nice tweaks in the way it works to help keep it secure. Check out the little FAQ on this page to see what the dev team wanted to accomplish with the Chrome browser. Searching directly from the box sounds so simple it is a wonder why no one did it before.

Gah, I am going to stop before I get to sounding like a Google commercial….