Nec_VersaPro_VS_7Akihabara News posted a glowing review of the NEC VersaPro VS-7 Netbook . AN really loves this system, hailing it as the true ultimate netbook. Lightweight, compact, portable, and with amazing performance to boot:

Not only is the VersaPro VS-7 is freaking light, slim, and robust, I’m amazed by its performance despite NEC’s choice of integrating an Intel GMA500 Video chipset… We all know GMA500 Netbooks don’t keep pace when it comes to watching high quality video or even HD videofiles… But the VersaPro VS-7 doesn’t care what format we feed it. Once installed with the CCCP Codec, whatever file we gave the VersaPro played them… Even our 720p DivX video played JUST fine in full screen… Something that we never succeed on a Vaio P. Granted the Vaio P is powered by Vista, but once Vista installed on the VersaPro we did the same test with the same results. Flawless 720/30p DivX HD full screen playback.

Ultra compact, ultra light and powerful, the VersaPro for the first time is a computer I love to carry around with me and does exactly what I need when I work on the go. Sure the VersaPro is bit expensive and only available in Japan, but the difference in price is REALLY worth your consideration if you’re looking for a business tool… As for basic Email and Web surfing I even think the Versa-Pro is an amazing Netbook, I’d recommend it to anyone whose thinking of investing in either an iPod Touch or iPhone since it will give you exactly what you need and fits in your pocket.

The only thing missing in all this gushing was the battery life. But I am intrigued I am planning to wait till next Japan trip to get a laptop or notebook in Akihabara so this is a model to watch out for although I am somewhat partial to Acer right now.