Panasonic_Lumix_DMC_GF1_2via Akihabara News:

Panasonic introduced the DMC-GF1, a Pen E-P1 like Micro Four Third digital camera with, just in case you forgot, removable lenses… (Yeah more lenses for my GH1!!!).

Spec wise it’s a 12.1 Mpix camera with 720/30p video recording capability (AVCHD Lite), ISO 3200 max, a 3” LCD monitor,… This baby will be sold in Japan and worldwide in October…

This is a replacement for the venerable LX3 using the micro four thirds format. Danny Choo is already saying he will replace his LX3. Interchangeable lenses on a compact body with a large sensor? This might be something for me to look at whenever I get around to replacing my Nikon L18 (which won’t be for a while).