tractor-attackJapan is a place where high tech thrives. Until it comes to the News/talk TV shows. How do they get the graphics up? by cutting articles out of a newspaper and pasting it to a board and circling the articles with a highlighter…. The heck with all this new fangled computer stuff, lets break out the Lego people next time we need to renact a crime…

via Japan Probe:

A criminal fleeing from police tried to make a getaway in a construction tractor. Cop cars chased him as he sped down a road at 15 km/h (9.3 mph), occasionally backing up when he put the tractor in reverse to scare them away. Cops cornered him in a field about 1 kilometer from the starting point of the chase, where he proceeded to swing around the shovel of the vehicle, knocking over a tree and digging up some dirt. His menacing actions kept police at bay for about 40 minutes. The stand-off ended when one officer charged the vehicle and smashed its windows with a club.

Bwahahahaha, the toy renactment is awesome 🙂   Low Tech FTW!