miss-universe-japanvia Bionic Bong:

This is Emiri Miyasak, who is representing Japan in the Miss Universe Pageant for 2009, in her all leather Japanese national costume.

The costume was designed by Yoshiyuki Ogata, the designer/owner of the designer brand “Yoshiyuki.”

Kimonos are supposed to be the symbol of the “Modest Japanese Woman.” But ,this is reminiscent of the costumes worn by the girls from “Soap Land” in Yoshiwara. Yoshiyuki Ogata has gotten more than 1000 protests over this all leather kimono costume and is albeit reveling in the publicity. The biggest complaint comes from the company in Ginza that donated the “obi” belt for the kimono without knowing the designer’s full intentions.

People from around the world are arguing that the outfit makes her look like a “Porn Star.”

What do you think of this costume and Miss Universe Japan?

Its a little raunchy, but not out of line, IMHO. The kind of girls who do the Miss Universe pageant are not modest types so what do you expect? The current generations like exhibitionism so much. Younger people are playing a game of “can you top this?” violating social mores of previous generations showing underwear is hardly anything new, even in a culturally conservative place like Japan. To say that “I would never wear that” is meaningless when you are not wearing it. Getting a photo taken is not the same as walking down the street in it. what do you all think?

btw, here is a YouTube of Miyasaka in the swimsuit contest: