gf45_01_240From the MiniPC company, which was building the nettop box form factor long before Shuttle or the Mac Mini, we get an updated G series, announced.

via Akihabara News:

With slim and compact PCs, MiniPC was a pioneer in Japan, and today they announced a new Atom or Core 2 Duocapable MiniPC, the GF27 (Atom N270) and GF45 (Core 2 Duo FSB 1066MHz) available in different configurations with the choice of 1 3.5” HDD or 2 2.5” HDDs, Dual LAN, DVI or not…

More on this from EnGadget:

MiniPC, the maker of one of the more enduring utilitarian case designs, has sprung a new nettop out of the bag, which it hopes will compete with the likes of the Eee Top and Wind Top, alongside an update to its Core 2 Duo-infused line of um, mini computers. The GF27 is the company’s first dip into the Atom pool with an N270, up to 2GB RAM, gigabit Ethernet, VGA and DVI outputs. And if it’s power you want, the GF45 offers a juiced-up selection of C2D laptop parts, from the P8400 up to the T9600, with up to 4GB RAM, and whatever 3.5-inch or pair of 2.5-inch drives you can stash inside it. Barebone prices will begin at ¥52,000 ($547) for the GF27 and ¥58,000 ($610) for the GF45 when these units finally hit Japan in mid-August.

I am intrigued by the Atom powered GF27. Especially if Windows 7 lives up to expectations. That will be an excellent platform for Win7 boxes.

link to translated GF27 page is here.