shweebvia Jalopnik we get news of the Shweeb. A human powered monorail rollercoaster that rides in tandem so you can race your friends.

It’s called Schweeb, “to float” in German, and it’s a human-powered monorail on 656 feet of track in Rotorua, New Zealand. Not only can you go 45MPH, but you can race your friend in another one.

Oh sign me up!

from the Shweeb home page:

You jump into an aerodynamic capsule andrace like a bullet for three laps. With seven gears to play with it’s easy to get up to your top speed.

Feel the adrenalin kick in as you fly around curves swinging out 60 degrees! You soar 4m above the pond and then miss the ground by inches!

Your seat adjusts to your exact height and is as comfortable as a hammock. The highly efficient vehicles let you go much faster than a bicycle.

Race against your friends or the clock. Break a record for your age or country, and get your name up on the Hall of Fame and on this website!