htc-click-bigNews of a new Android phone from HTC has been leaking out. Clearly HTC is getting into Android in a big way after building the G1 and MyTouch on the Android. The HTC Click is leaking out, including this very nice photo that appeared on a Vietnamese website. From EngadgetMobile:

Dare we call this new shot of HTC’s alleged Click almost… artistic? It’s a great picture, almost ripe for an official press release — but as far as we can tell, there’s nothing official about it. The phone, which is said to be bringing Android to a new, cheaper target demo the same way the Touch Viva did for WinMo, has popped up on a Vietnamese message board — it’s not on, unfortunately, but you can clearly make out the presence of enough Android-required buttons to deduce that there’s some Google code under the hood here.

HTC is apparently getting into Android even further with news that HTC is will make half of their lineup Android based over the coming year. (Our next thought is whether anyone made sure no chairs were near Steve Ballmer before breaking the news to him…)

A new Android based phone from Motorola is nearing finality with this leaked shot of a Motorola employees own phone. Too bad its a QWERTY slider style. We are not fond of its looks at all. Although Motorola is said to be working on more Android phones.

motorola-morrison-android-07-21-09Maybe this will be the year that seemed poised last fall, a rush of Android phones from different makers and carriers will jump the numbers of users. The developers will follow and apps will start coming out.

I keep wondering how the Android apps handle hardware specific functions while on other phones. Suppose you pay for an app only to find out that it uses some specific function exclusive to HTC and it does not work on your Motorola Morrison? Anyone know what they do then or how this is handled by the OS?