custom-engadet-htpcFrom the folks at Engadget we get proof that the HTPC is not dead yet.

They decided to build a custom Blu-Ray equipped home theater PC to update a previous build since Blu-ray emerged as the winner in the HD format wars.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the cheapest nor the most elaborate HTPC of all time; we aimed to hit a sweet spot between performance and price, and we attempted to include the necessities (a Blu-ray drive and a TV tuner, for instance) while painfully ignoring luxuries (such as a few 1TB HDDs) in order to meet our price goal. We’ll toss in a few of our recommended upgrades at the end, but for now, join us as we have a look at every last component used to make the $1,000 HTPC a reality.

Why you certainly could swap out components to save money they certainly showed that a PC for the living room is a viable prospect, even on a budget.