Time again for more flowers in macro. We went again to the Lilyfest in Rockbridge and I got a chance to really practise with the macro function on my camera. The weather was a bit cloudy indeed it started raining but the colors still stood out.

the whites got a bit washed out on this one but I really liked the darkness in the background.

This little Nikon is light years better than my old Olympus. Not just in terms of megapixels but everything from color to depth of field and macro focus.

I want to get a camera like the Lumix LX3 or another point and shoot with a larger sensor and the capability of saving as RAW but I am going to explore the capabilities of this Nikon first.

does this one make you dizzy?

I have been playing with angles and composition lately. In retrospect I should have turned the pot just slightly to get the price tag out of view but I did not even see it until i got home and loaded these onto the PC.