Mechwarrior Reboot

Jordan Weisman – designer of the classic Battletech board game is looking for a publisher for the new version of Mechwarrior, the computer version of the classic Battletech boardgame. Jordan Wiseman’s new company, Smith and Tinker, purchased the rights to the name from Microsoft and is shopping around for a new publisher. From RobotViking:

To summarize what we know at this point: the game is a reboot, not a sequal. It takes place at the beginning of the Fourth Succession War. Multi-player is a major priority, and they really want to have a four-player co-op mode so you can team up with your friends and form a full lance. Better video game technology will make the game more tactically rich, and improve the feel of “piloting a giant war machine” rather than “being a giant robot.” Players will have to use different types of mechs to accomplish various battlefield goals – tactical information will be crucial, so scout mechs will have a vital role even at higher levels of gameplay. No more “lock on, fire and forget.” You’ll have to actively acquire and maintain targets, and the dense urban environments (which appear to blow up nicely) make for great hit and run tactics.

multiplayer giant robot battling action – where do i sign up?

via io9.