e-p1_hands_60010The folks at Engadget posted an extensive review of the new Olympus EP-1 camera. Finally get a new micro four-thirds camera to go with the Panasonic GH-1. The blend of retro styling with micro four-thirds format combine for a truly gadget lust inspiring platform.

They say the LCD screen on the back was a bit hard to use in daylight, which is not a good thing, IMHO.

Problems with the color saturation, not so good out of the box although that can be fixed.

The video results are impressive. I really like the 720p out put.

Their verdict is a thumbs up. But I personally wish the Olympus would adopt the SDHC memory card standard that almost every one else uses.

Update: I stand corrected, it turns out that the EP-1 uses SDcards, good news there.