Origins Game Fair 2009

Origins Game Fair 2009

Just finished the annual pilgrimage to Origins Game Fair. I did not take the full four days this year and am already regretting it. Next year I will work a complete schedule up and fill my time fully. Missed the War College and the seminars I usually go to.  Saw quite a few old friends and caught up with (finally!) an old friend from Circvs Maximvs and got to put a face to a screen name.

It was also really cool seeing actor Peter Mayhew (the man in the Chewbacca suit in the Star Wars movies); Origins’ Guest of Honor this year.  He walks with a cane now but it was still easy to recognize him as Chewie even with out the suit and makeup. He has much of the movements that made Chewie an individual on screen even when not acting in suit and despite his age.


Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca

I only played two games, A demo of Revolution by Steve Jackson Games and our annual Desperado wargame in the minatures room. My banditos managed to get themselves wiped out  after almost making into position. Such a great and fun little wargame . Perfect for conventions.  I will do a longer post with the pics from that game in a bit.

For me the find of the con was Red Ops 5 from Rebel Minis.   Red Ops 5 is a game of Special Forces versus Zombies wargame that uses Ed Trexeira’s TwoHourWargame engine for rules. Shooting Zombies, quick and fast. Fun! Fun!

My traditional dice purchase this year consisted of some 3d6’s and some d10’s marked in Asian characters.  Lou Zocchi and Gamescience returned this year with his D-Total die this year. I did not think he would return at all after his retirement but he did have a lot of booth  help so maybe a influx of youngbloods into his company will revive it a little. Always good to see these icons of gaming still hanging on after we lost both Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson this year.

One thing that was missed though was the open gaming tables in the breezeway. The breezeway connector was under construction. Its just my opinion but placing tables in the breezeway for open gaming was one of the best things about Origins. Having open tables all the way in the very back of the convention center in such an out of the way location is not as much fun as having them literally in the middle of the action.