from Smashed and Sinking we have a list of 10 things learned from Japanese TV. Picked from the list:

1) All food on earth is ungodly and orgasmically delicious.

Watch virtually any travel program and you get to see this in practise. EVERY single thing they eat is the best thing ever made on earth.

3) All I really needed in life is a speedo and a catchphrase

I cannot begin to count the number of guys in Speedos, on Japanese TV. It is like an unwritten rule that every variety show must have at least one fella in a Speedo.

9) Japan single-handedly keeps poster board companies in business. It’s like the news and variety shows never even learned that computer graphics were invented

I realized this after the first morning news program. They literally cut articles out of the newspaper and tacked them to a posterboard. With VERY neat highlighting around each article being discussed. Very surreal moment …. The most high tech country in the world and they use posterboard and highlighters for topics to discuss on the news. Unreal.