Japan - Day 1

In honor of recognizing the mistakes we all make as human beings, lets review the Nihon Sun’s 10 things not to do in Japan and see what happens?

Number 10 – Visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and snap a picture of a pretty stone bridge rather than one of the Emporer.

Ahem, well I got a pic of a pretty stone bridge, but we never got anywhere near the inside of the Imperial Palace. Our tour simply walked along a stretch of the moat. Oh well….

Japan Day 6

Number 6 – Chase a Geisha down the streets of Gion in Kyoto trying to snap a picture of her and wondering why she is for not stopping for yet another tourist with a camera!

We did not have to chase any geisha through the streets of Gion. We went to a private tea ceremony ourselves. I started to get a pic of a fully dressed geisha in the terminal in Kyoto, but she walked away and this advice popped into my head, so I stayed in one spot figuring I would get my chance later.