Aggghhh, I looked up directions in Google maps to get from one place in Tokyo to another and all that kanji  broke my brain. I wish there was more hiragana in use for the names of the trains and stations. I am afraid of missing a station and getting all fouled up in Tokyo. I have barely begun to decipher kanji. This video helped me a lot in deciphering what was going on. Thank you IES and YouTube uploader … (gotta love the GIJoe reference he throws in at the end  ^_^)

(I also love this time lapse video of riding the Yamanote loop in Tokyo, thanks to J Train Freak on

oh ok, i got it now … thanks to this Wiki entry that explains the Odakyu-Odwara train line. I can even count the number of stops we would need to watch for. What did people ever do in the days before Wiki?