via EnGadget:

Truthfully, we wouldn’t put too much stock in that headline considering that Samsung Mobile Display, a company that makes its ends off of sellingactive-matrix OLEDs, is the source. But on the other hand, we can definitely see it coming to fruition. According to a new report, said outfit has stated that OLED screens of some sort will be on over half of all mobile phones (not just smartphones, mind you) within the next five years, and that these same power-sipping displays will be on 20 percent of digital cameras and 30 percent of portable game players (PSP2, anyone?) within the same window of time. While it may seem a bit far-fetched now, we actually have good reason to believe that OLED adoption will indeed skyrocket on the small scale; it’s those big screen TVs that we’re worried only our grandchildren will truly enjoy.

From what I have seen of OLED screens, the colors and resolutions are fantastic compared to current screens.