opening screen (via Wiki)

opening screen (via Wiki)

So I am sitting around reading something or other one day when my girlfriend comes home from the store with a Gundam DVD in her hands. She just randomly saw it on the 2.99 rack and bought it for me, “isn’t that one of the robot shows you like?” She had picked up Disc 1 of the 0080 – War in the Pocket series and made me a happy man. ^_^


Finally got to watch it today as I completed my daily exercise ride. First episode fitted right in with all the usual Gundam mythology, kid who glamorizes war and dreams of being a mecha pilot, femme fatale, real cost of war on civilians, Newtypes, etc….

The animation shows it age and the characters are definitely straight out of the late 70’s. 

The show starts off with a band as Zeon mechasattack a Federation base but only slightly miss their target as it blasts into space. the story switches to a young boy, Alfred, in school on the nuetral space colony Side 6. Alfred andare trying to prove that the Federation has Mobile Suits of its own and Alfred sneaks into the space port’s military area to attempt  photograph a Federation MS Gundam. Alfred fails to see one but on the way home encounters a young girl who used to live on Side 6 but has been on earth for some time. The next day while at school more Zeons attack the colony.

One thing I love about the Gundam series is its focus on the real cost of war and not the glamourization of it. The Zeon attack rampages through town, narrowly missing the boys and their school and the Zeon Gundams crush cars and destroy building while civilians cower nearby.

good stuff, definitely looking forward to the rest of these.