Love and Pop is Hideki Anno’s movie of the novel Topaz 2. It is about 4 teen schoolgirls in Tokyo and the involvelment in the practise of enjo kosai or compensated dating the practise of salarimen in japan to pay young girls to go on dates with them. From the Wiki:

The film follows four Japanese high school girls who engage in enjo kosai, or compensated dating. This is a practice in Japan where older businessmen pay teenage girls more commonly to simply spend time with them, or rarely for prostitution. The movie is also a coming-of-age story. The main character, Hiromi, does not have the direction in life that her friends already have. Hiromi’s friends were going to buy Hiromi a ring, but Hiromi refuses to take all the money because she doesn’t want her friends to be jealous. Hiromi goes on dates by herself to get money for the ring. Soon, she gets in over her head. Hiromi falls too far into the world of enjo-kosai as she tries to hold onto a “friends forever” vision of the past.

Anno (of Neon Genesis Evangelion  fame) uses a digital video camera to get very unusual angles and set the tone. The way the salarimen pop out of the woodwork at the girls is just creepy!!