Monday, April 6th, 2009

from what I have seen other summations around the ‘net Queen’s Blade anime is a VERY heavy on the fan service. Maybe a little to heavy for me. Shin over at Atarashi Prelude pretty much summed up my feelings. Way to much boobage and fanservice for my tastes. I am an adult and do not mind a little bit here and there but …

ah well, K-ON! is looking good so far, although we are only one episode in. the only fanservice shot in K-ON! was a completely blacked out upskirt shot. Thank goodness. The animation is very good and smooth and the girls are actually realistic although their arms tended to the pointy blobs at times, maybe it was a style brought over from the manga? The girls pretty much fit into roles without being cardboard cutouts usual in anime. They seem to be not meant as drool-over for the perverts but more real than most although Yui’s as the “clumsy girl” can be a bit over the top. She kinda redeemed herself by actually being honest with the club and admitting that she knows nothing about playing guitars. K_ON! will be on my watch list.

via Tokyo Mango:

A Hello Kitty desk fan? The mind boogles. I swear Sanrio has finally gone off the deep end. The world does not need this much Hello Kitty.