April 2009

this is awesome! Watch it all the way to the end.   🙂  very very original and creative.

check out the nervous breakdown the guy has at the beginning of this. He runs out of change at the car wash with a soapy car; then goes into an emotional meltdown and beats the roof of his car … And then from nowhere comes a load of soapy water splashing the hood  of his car … ROTFLMAO …

Browsing through YouTube looking for commercials, finds this gem 🙂

Very good news, mangaka Rumiko Takahashi is finally starting on her next manga now that the epic Inuyasha is over with. And the best part is that her next series will be simultaneously published online in English for North American audiences.

Takahashi’s new series will be called RIN-NE, and will be about ghosts and hauntings…

The manga is set to be published weekly in Shonen Sunday magazine in Japan with simultaneous weekly chapters for North America being posted at www.theRumicWorld.com meaning no lag time for American maga fans. Nice!!

check out the full article at Comic Press.

Sweet, this is great news!

yet another notebook that makes the “it runs for nine hours!!” claim. Syeah right, I will believe it when I see it… at least I give it a chance if it really does have a 9 cell battery …

via Gizmodo:

While most netbooks are settling for 3 and 6-cell batteries, the Toshiba Mini NB200 will be bundled with a 9-cell battery for a promised 9 hours of run time.

Just announced for the UK, the Mini NB200 is completely typical aside from its battery, with an Atom N270 or N280 processor, 160GB hard drive and unspecified (but probably 1GB) of RAM.

Yet in spite of its fatty power source, the NB200 still weighs under 2.5lbs—which is either an extreme feat of engineering or the result of an overzealous press release. We’ll hope for the former.

via Engadget:

Finally, the the G1 from TMobile is becoming the G2 but no one else has yet jumped into the Android phone waters ….

We’ve already heard plenty of talk that Acer would be rolling out one or more Android phones this year, but it looks like the company’s head of mobile phone products, Aymar de Lencquesaing, has now come out and made the clearest statement yet on the matter, saying that while Acer has “not made any formal announcement of an Android-based device,” it is “likely that we’ll have one in 2009.” No more details beyond that, unfortunately, but there has been some speculation that Acer’s first Android phone would be known as the A1, which may or may not be similar to the mysterious C1 touchscreen phone pictured above, and could land as soon as September. In related news, Acer has also reaffirmed its commitment to become one of the top five handset makers by 2012, adding that it would need to sell 20 to 25 million devices a year to meet that goal.  

via EnGadget:

Truthfully, we wouldn’t put too much stock in that headline considering that Samsung Mobile Display, a company that makes its ends off of sellingactive-matrix OLEDs, is the source. But on the other hand, we can definitely see it coming to fruition. According to a new report, said outfit has stated that OLED screens of some sort will be on over half of all mobile phones (not just smartphones, mind you) within the next five years, and that these same power-sipping displays will be on 20 percent of digital cameras and 30 percent of portable game players (PSP2, anyone?) within the same window of time. While it may seem a bit far-fetched now, we actually have good reason to believe that OLED adoption will indeed skyrocket on the small scale; it’s those big screen TVs that we’re worried only our grandchildren will truly enjoy.

From what I have seen of OLED screens, the colors and resolutions are fantastic compared to current screens. 


opening screen (via Wiki)

opening screen (via Wiki)

So I am sitting around reading something or other one day when my girlfriend comes home from the store with a Gundam DVD in her hands. She just randomly saw it on the 2.99 rack and bought it for me, “isn’t that one of the robot shows you like?” She had picked up Disc 1 of the 0080 – War in the Pocket series and made me a happy man. ^_^


Finally got to watch it today as I completed my daily exercise ride. First episode fitted right in with all the usual Gundam mythology, kid who glamorizes war and dreams of being a mecha pilot, femme fatale, real cost of war on civilians, Newtypes, etc….

The animation shows it age and the characters are definitely straight out of the late 70’s. 

The show starts off with a band as Zeon mechasattack a Federation base but only slightly miss their target as it blasts into space. the story switches to a young boy, Alfred, in school on the nuetral space colony Side 6. Alfred andare trying to prove that the Federation has Mobile Suits of its own and Alfred sneaks into the space port’s military area to attempt  photograph a Federation MS Gundam. Alfred fails to see one but on the way home encounters a young girl who used to live on Side 6 but has been on earth for some time. The next day while at school more Zeons attack the colony.

One thing I love about the Gundam series is its focus on the real cost of war and not the glamourization of it. The Zeon attack rampages through town, narrowly missing the boys and their school and the Zeon Gundams crush cars and destroy building while civilians cower nearby.

good stuff, definitely looking forward to the rest of these.

Watch and be amazed ...

Nite Owl and Blue Beetle are green with envy upon seeing this contraption (via Japan Probe):

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