working my way thru the Desert Punk complete collection. Up to episode 18 – Asagiri Junko tries to convince Sunabozu to help her fight off a sniper who apparently wants to force her into marriage. Of course oversexed Kanta agrees imagining the horror of losing the object of his (lustful) dreams to another man. 


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(spoilers below)

Things get really interesting at the end when the troops Kanta and Kosuna assume are government beat Kanta into the sands and leave with Junko after ripping up Sunabozu’s contract. The act of ripping a contract shocks Kanta into disbelief (which allows the thugs to jump him) and freezes Kosuna. The episode ends with a swollen Kanta telling Kosuna simply “Let’s go.” and starts walking home. Kosuna is a bit shocked at Kanta’s sudden quiet and we are left speculating as to what will happen and whether those guys were really Oasis government.

Man, I really really like the change in tone to the darker stuff after episode 12. the political entanglements are right up my alley, love that kind of stuff. Makes me want to get a copy of the manga.

Sunabozu part 6 DVD