Thursday, March 19th, 2009

from manga for 40-somethings

In Ore ha Mada Honki Dashitenai dake (literally translated as “I Just Haven’t Been Serious Yet”) main character Ohguro Shizuo is quickly approaching middle age. In the game of life Shizuo, like many other forty-something males, feels he has lost, and lost big-time. He’s a fat, divorced father of one living with his own single father. If Shizuo was cynical he could take comfort with his managerial position, but then again he works at H Burger. He has no direction in life and there is no purpose. In everyway, to Shizuo, age 41, life is slowly becoming an agonizing affair. But that’s only because he has not been serious about his life

This manga looks really interesting, I hope someone picks it up for translation to the US market.

from io9: A house made of UFOs and Math Puzzles:

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a crashed UFO, this is your dream house. A cracked open sphere with a roof that looks almost shredded, the house only gets weirder as you get closer.

I would love living in a place with wierd angles like that, very nice.