A DigiTimes report that Asian company Wintek is making 9.7-10 inch touchscreen displays for Apple to be used in an netbook assembled by Quanta gained some (albeit non-Apple) confirmation today. (via ComputerWorld):

But Ezra Gottheil, an analyst at Technology Business Research Inc., said he doesn’t expect to see a traditional netbook from Apple, assuming the reports out of Taiwan are accurate. “It’s looking less likely to me that Apple will do a keyboard netbook,” he said today. “What we’re hearing [from Dow Jones] is consistent with an iPod Touch on steroids. With Apple’s hostility to keyboards in general, I think this will be a touch-based device.”

I am intrigued, an HD video capable, stable, netbook like an iPod Touch with hook ups for external keyboard and mouse (leave ’em behind when you use it on the go) would be very useful and nice to have. Light gaming, Web/email/Twitter access through wifi, something like that would be a solid netbook. Apple has a reputation for slapping price premiums on tech that is behind the curve though. Charging 800+ for something like this would be a death knell though, anything more than 400-500 is stupidity in the netbook category. I don’t know quite what they are planning but a giant/oversized Touch is going to turn me off. Need to see something visual on it and get a price point to make more judgements.