Thursday, March 5th, 2009

A gaijin in Japan sticks her video camera on a conveyor belt in Hokkaido Japan. Watching the reactions is priceless, especially the little kids.

The hottest, most drooled after, figure about to be unleashed on the otaku crowds is the Black Rock Shooter, from Good Smile Corp.

This figure is simply amazing. I am not a figure collector but that thing is definitely going onto my shelf if I ever get my grubby paws anywhere near one.
The video (with English subs) that the figure is based on is below. Hatsune Miku has a horrible nasal voice but the visuals are amazing. I remember the NicoNico Douga video had much better audio than this one. Wonder if I can embed Nico Nico vids in a domain? maybe I can scrounge up the link…
Go here for the  embedded NicoNico video. (via Sankaku Complex)
Youtube embed:

it turns out that a local grocery chain carries sushi. So it was everyone into the pool and pick some sushi to try. I got the spicy California roll.

Verdict, very good. very good.