March 2009

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The recent glut of telephony news can mean only one thing: CTIA Wireless 2009 is getting ready to kick off in Vegas baby, Las Vegas. In the runup we have LG upping the hype on its 13.4mm-thick GD900 handset first outed in Barcelona at February’s MWC show. This time, however, the 7.2Mbps HSDPA slider with world’s first transparent glass (not plastic as originally assumed) keypad will be functional, running LG’s new S-Class UIon the 3-inch display.

more smartphones, and a very nice one. Really, really wish it had Android on it. The glass keypad is a bit redundant for me though. 

Kodo Drummers of Japan

Go and see this show, Kodo simply is unbelievable. Traditional music in an theatre setting. Simply mind blowing. They can create landscapes with rythms so vivid you will swear the sea and storms are filling the theater around you.
One Earth Tour Schedule is here 

photos from NASA and i09

working my way thru the Desert Punk complete collection. Up to episode 18 – Asagiri Junko tries to convince Sunabozu to help her fight off a sniper who apparently wants to force her into marriage. Of course oversexed Kanta agrees imagining the horror of losing the object of his (lustful) dreams to another man. 


Sunabozu wiki page.


(spoilers below)

Things get really interesting at the end when the troops Kanta and Kosuna assume are government beat Kanta into the sands and leave with Junko after ripping up Sunabozu’s contract. The act of ripping a contract shocks Kanta into disbelief (which allows the thugs to jump him) and freezes Kosuna. The episode ends with a swollen Kanta telling Kosuna simply “Let’s go.” and starts walking home. Kosuna is a bit shocked at Kanta’s sudden quiet and we are left speculating as to what will happen and whether those guys were really Oasis government.

Man, I really really like the change in tone to the darker stuff after episode 12. the political entanglements are right up my alley, love that kind of stuff. Makes me want to get a copy of the manga.

Sunabozu part 6 DVD

So this is the anime everyone is holding their breath over?


It looks,  well a bit odd story wise. I could not get the setting, is it near future or present day or alternate time?  love to see more about those wierd phones they have … animation looks great … 

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Not since Who Gives a F*CK? have i seen such a misuse of the word … this is “master” from the new bar near my joint.

its like those people who get tattoos in Japanese kanji that they think means “Honor and pride” but really mean “I like sheep” … 

So how many years behind the times am I? I just discovered how much of a perfect tool You Tube is for watching music videos…

Marillion performing Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven) live:

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Following up on its impressive debut earlier this month, HABEY‘s unveiled the BIS-6540HD mini HTPC that, like its 6550 counterpart, is capable of running an impressive 1080p signal with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor — special thanks go to its HD hardware decoder for that feat. The fanless unit also features up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, eight USB ports, a built-in CF socket, two SATA II ports with SSD support, DVI and VGA outputs, ethernet, and options for wireless and HD TV tuner. No word on pricing or availability, but it looks like it’s being marketed as an OEM product and we suspect it’ll cost more than a pretty penny. Check out the video after the break to see it rocking Planet Earth on Blu-ray.
This looks really nice, with a good price it would be an excellent option for a HTPC. Since it is being marketed to OEMs it looks like it is destined to be some sort of set-top box, possibly for HD DVRs.Nice job getting full 1080p out of an Atom powered system.

5 centimeters per second

(the speed at which cherry blossoms fall)

I have had the US DVD for this sitting around for a while now but have only just gotten around to watching it.

It is three separate short stories around a boy named Takaki Tono at three different stages of his life, as a young man, as a teenager, and as an adult. The story focuses around the love of his life and the distance that comes between them and then the effect of that the relationship has on the rest of his life. Episode one is the story of Takaki and Akari (his first love) trying to getogether one snowy day as the weather and distance conspire against them and tells the story of how these two have fallen for each other. Episode Two has the now teenage Takaki in high school and on a small island, and tells the story of Kanae and how she both falls in love with Takaki and realizes that her love will always be unreturned. Episode three has a now adult Takaki working as a programmer and still looking for Akari in faces around him, which causes strife in relationships he has and keeps him from moving on.

This anime showcase’s Makato Shinkai’s flair for beautiful animation and poignant storytelling. The visuals are just gorgeous with the night scenes in Episode 2 and the snow covered countryside in episode 1 being strikingly beautiful. 


Cherry Blossoms fall at 5 cm per second

Cherry Blossoms fall at 5 cm per second



This is simply gorgeous even if not good astronomy

This is simply gorgeous even if not good astronomy



This has vaulted to one of my all time favorite animes. Grave of the Fireflies and 5 Centimeters Ser Second rank as the only two animes ever to make me cry. Takaki’s struggle to reach Akari moved me to tears. I love how it is open to interpretation at the end of the story, what happens next after Takaki walks away from the train crossing is your interpretation.

Watch this film, you’ll love it. Trust me.

White Album is based on the old 1998 PC visual novel (game in a very loose sense) and manga . Showing its roots as a PC game/novel it is a harem drama with the twist of following college students or adults instead of a childish high school melodrama. It follows twenty year old Touya Fuji through his life. All the trials and tribulations of being unable to spend time with his girlfriend Yuki, an up and coming mega idol singer, and the other girls around him that he could spend time with and eventually get as a girlfriend.

The anime is set in the 1980’s and the setting is a bit odd at first, payphones are constantly used and the backgrounds contain some flavor that remind you of the non modern day time period. The flavor and viuals are nice, close enough to modern times to fit but enough is not to really set the story and give it life.

The animation has been very good. with pastel painted scenes dropping in and a pallette that reflects the drab, dreary world Touya percieves around him.

from the Wikipedia entryTōya is a twenty year-old university student in his second year attending the Yūnagi University (悠凪大学 Yūnagi Daigaku?). He has a timid, yet vulgar personality, and is often unorganized.[1] He often laments the amount of time he has to spend with Yuki Morikawa (森川 由綺 Morikawa Yuki?,voiced by: Aya Hirano), whom he is romantically attracted to.[2][1] Yuki, White Albums main heroine, is an idol singer rising in popularity, and is affiliated with the Ogata Productions.[1] She has a warm and kindhearted personality, and is in her second year attending university with Tōya, with whom she attended high school together.[1] Rina Ogata (緒方 理奈 Ogata Rina?, voiced by: Nana Mizuki), another heroine, is a popular idol singer under the same management agency as Yuki. Rina is elegant and intelligent, and maintains a mutual friendship with Yuki.[2][1] She is often occupied with work, and becomes attracted to Tōya to compensate her loneliness.

This is a drama and but I find myself enjoying it immensely. Currently up to episode three so i need to get moving before I fall way behind.

Opening sequence below:


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