Ok, I was thinking of doing a post like this before, but have never taken the time. Its time for some Q&A on this blog.

1. What the heck is an Otaku and why is one in the Heartland? 
A: An otaku is a japanese word for a fanatic: see this Wiki article. It has the connotation of a nerd or geek, shaded with obsessive-compulsive. It is commonly used as a slang term for fans of anime, manga, and video games. To make a long story short and not turn this into a biography I am an otaku although I would add tabletop gaming (miniature wargaming and role playing) and technology (computers/internet/photography) to the description. I live in the midwest of the USA, sometimes called the heartland. I thought the name had a ring when it came to me one night so I stuck it on my blog subtitle.
2. Aren’t people who follow anime/manga weird and creepy?
A: Heh, the extremes of vitually any hobby look odd to outsiders. Anime and manga with its extremes of sex and violence and coupled with Japan’s penchant towards fetishes (used underwear vending machines?)  will certainly generate that opinion to onlookers. The truth is that anime and manga like virtually anything else comes in all flavors. From high school love triangle dramas to ghost hunters, anime/manga covers everything and then some. I myself tend towards mecha style anime and sci-fi or fantasy oriented manga. Thats’ pretty much it at the end of the day, boring old Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion. The guys and girls who are into the eroge games and the doujinshi manga can have their little fetishes. I like mine.
3. All your posts lately have been about Japan. Are you obsessed? 
A: I guess its the way I operate, I bounce from one obsession to another. Its also a function of what I am into and surfing around the web, I have been reading a lot of blogs and news of Japan so most of what I post reflects that. I am planning a trip to Japan and have been diving into Japanese language and culture beyond just anime and manga and currently that is my focus. The constraints of time limit me to about a post a day. I want to get back to posting more general news and technology and stuff on tabletop gaming but will do so naturally. I do not want to force myself to do that, it will happen on its own.
4. What other stuff do you blog about? All I see is Japanese stuff.
A: I am limited both by time and resources, but my interests are diverse. And my posting will be also. I have been poking around the blogosphere for ideas and style and have a few new ideas germinating. Food, Photography, Wargaming, Technology, Gadgets, etc. etc. So I do have plans for more posts about other things. We can only see what winds up here. Stick around and hang on, its gonna be fun!
I do want to thank my readers, the few out there.  Arigato gozimasu. Stick around, the journey is just beginning, lets see whats around the next corner.