I bought the Rocket Girls complete series recently. I have been into watching anime as I ride/exercise on my bike downstairs on the infamous tire destroying indoor trainer. I have been sticking with complete series that I can watch from beginning to end as I ride everyday.

Finished Madlax a bit ago and moved on to Rocket Girls. Was instantly captivated by the blend of hard science and typical schoolgirl drama with a touch of comedy.
Yukari Morita ia a young high school girl who goes off to find the father who abandonded her mother on their honeymoon in the South Pacific. She traces him to a small island that is also being used as a base by the Solomon Space Adminstration which is having trouble launching a spacecraft successfully. Yukari’s and the SSA rocket admins’ paths cross and they realize that a the weight and space savings that a slim, short high school girl would bring would allow them to launch successfully. Yukari agrees to be an astronaut in exchange for their help in finding her father. I won’t go into the plot farther so as not to spoil that part of the story.
A lot of hard science and mathematics go into Yukari’s training and the rocket development. I don’t mean that this is an animated lecture on orbital physics but that the science and math are present and effective.  You won’t find any reality bending glass spaceships or psuedo mumbo jumbo dimensional portals in RG. Its all real life.
There are plenty of genuine laugh out loud moments such as when Yukari’s first mission finally lands in a most unexpected place.
The animation is mostly traditional cell animation with some CG on the spaceships which is quite well done.
Rocket Girls is only 12 episodes and well worth the time and money.