Today was a shopping day, went shopping with the gf to the bookshop to shop for Japanese language books and to get cat food (though not at the bookshop 🙂 ) and see about a replacement tire for my bike since my wind trainer destroyed the current one.

my gf’s cat is physchotic and only eats certain foods which of course are virtually impossible to get. So we had to make the trek up to the big city to get Wellness Canned Turkey for the pyscho-kitty. 
Then it was up to Borders book shop where I splurged on some Kanji books for learning. picked up a couple from the Tuttle Language Library – Kanji Fast Finder and Read Japanese Today. I figure once I get a little farther along in learning I will pick up a full bore Kanji dictionary. But I need to pace myself right now. Between these books and the language courses at iKnow I should be very busy and very able to learn what I want. Its going to be a crash course to get stuff down by the time we hit Tokyo.
After a quick lunch at a new (for us anyway) Chinese restaurant that called us in and used our hunger pangs to its advantage. This place is on our “must stop again” list. The Crab Rangoon was perfect, the cream cheese melting away and floating in your mouth. Best Rangoon I have had in years. The General Tso’s chicken and the Happy Family had excellent sauces. Very good meal.
From there it was off to the cycle shop to get a new tire mounted up on my bikes rear wheel. Got a special kind of tire made for trainers since the tire I had was destroyed by the indoor trainer I have. Turns out that Continental make a special tire especially for indoor trainers called the Ultra Sport that will last much much longer than regular tires on high friction rollers. Should work great for keeping me going on my riding.  
From there is was home for a nap and getting some quick reading done before it was time for our movie night. Watched Eagle Eye and had some Killian’s Red beer and pizza. Doing stuff with my gal is like heaven for me. Never tire of it.

When I dropped into the chair to nap my attention seeking cat decided to jump onto my lap and get some nap time in herself, which we captured on camera.