Free (limited) WiMax service. 

From Akihabara News: 
Know what? Until few hours ago, and until we got this press release, we were completely unaware of the Japanese telco company UQ Communication, but today they made my day by offering to all subscribers (limited to 5000 people) FREE WiMax.until June.

Starting today until the 15th, if you subscribe to a WiMax connection within Tokyo, Yokohama, or Kawasaki for a RIDICULOUS monthly fee of 4,480 Yen… you’ll get WiMax free until June… What will this get you, sorry us? Decent Internet surfing with 40Mbps in downlink and 10Mbps in uplink, in reality least 16Mbps in downlink…  Anyway, you know free WiMax is available. I almost forget, you’ll need one of these USBs or PCMCIA thingies below to surf WiMax style.
ok I am totally jealous, beyond reason, jealous, ready to pack my bags and move tmw style jealous. First cheap fiber optic service practically anywhere and now this, sigh…