January 2009

Carroll Shelby: Shelby Suing Factory Five, Fan Forum For Trademark Infringements

this time it is Carroll Shelby who is suing an online forum for trademark infringements merely for using various trademarked names in their text. Oh man, way to alienate your fans, Carroll. FFcobra.com is most likely not even affiliated with Factory Five anyway.

Picked up my new camera today, I got a Nikon L18 as I mentioned in that earlier blog entry. Just playing with it a little bit is enough for me to fall in love with it. Way better than my old (albeit very trustworthy) Olympus.

Check out the macro image of my girlfriend’s cat 🙂

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I have been into a funk lately in terms of science fiction books but a single blurb sold me on Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder. “Mix in one part thrilling action, one part screaming cool steampunk tech, and one part worldbuilding and you’ve got Sun of Suns.” That blurb was by Cory Coctorow another writer I have really been liking. Combining steampunk style tech with a rollicking adventure story while never forgetting the science it was built on is a formula for a good tale. Definite reccomendation.

This is where a lot of the recent sci-fi books have been lacking. Scientific realism versus adventure. Too many writers seem to view their books as movie scripts and ignore the exposition that makes it a book, not a script. Schroeder strikes an excellent ballance between the adventure and exposition and the story flows along.

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Beverages: U-Fizz Can Make Any Drink Carbonated, But That Doesn’t Mean It Should

Hmmmmm, the mind reels at the possibilties of making you own foods with carbonation. but I think that this is not going to work as advertised

Got the flights booked up today so it is official and in the books. We are going to the land of the Rising Sun.

I am excited!

my first trip overseas and my first trip on a 777 jet and my first trip outside the continental US.

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Hello Kitty Netbook Windows 7 Powered… The ultimate powerful PC? : Akihabara News .com

oh ok, take a Atom powered Hello Kitty netbook and install Win7 beta on it. And the result is good! Well blow me down. Redmond may have done something right this time.

Boob Pillow: This Japanese Breast Pillow Is Relaxing and Erotic (Eraxing?)

Today it was snowing while Pscho-kitty and I were snoozing so when my owner came home I meowed at him until he took me outside. I like snow, its the wind which makes me cold. Snow is fun.

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YouTube – japanese street drifting

been scouring You Tube for decent drifting videos. Was watching this
one when I saw an AE86. Check out the red hatchback coming at ya about
28 seconds in. YES!! I will own one of these again someday, I swear it.

Project Monolith case mod takes water cooling to unbelievable extremes – Engadget

this project is an exercise in taking things all the way to the far edge …

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