I have been watching the Linebarrels of Iron anime series at crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has gone legit and removed all the fansub torrents so Linebarrels is a licensed anime directly from Sunrise.

The plot is not to farfetched, 13 year old high schooler is injured by a giant robot falling from the sky. The robot uses its “powers” to revive or save Kouichi and he becomes a Factor who can pilot the mecha. Kouichi was a bullied weakling who immediately begins to use his newfound power to even the score and has to learn limits and maturity.

Pretty standard stuff for mecha anime. Kouichi’s personality conflicts over the damage he causes as he rampages as a “hero of justice” force him to rexamine his definition of a hero.

I like the mecha designs in this. Not quite as spidery as the designs in Neon Genesis and not as blocky as tranditional Gundam designs.

They also have blended computer animation into the production process quite seamlessly, things have come a long way from the primitive animation used in the racing scenes of Initial D and the constantly repeated loops of D Generation Eve.

Overall, its a good series, not groundbreaking. You can catch it for free at crunchyroll so its well worth the time to view.