Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Nasa: NASA Spirit Rover Celebrates Five Productive, Dusty Years On Mars

for five years those plucky little rovers have been rolling around on Mars, wow… tip of the hat to all those at NASA and JPL who have worked with and on Spirit and Opportunity.

my wake up call –

went to the Dentist for a simple cleaning. It was a deep cleaning that required a shot of anasthetic. Simple enough, right? The dental assistant checks my blood pressure. gets a shocked look on her face and tells me to to relax and no need to be nervous, blah blah blah, many readings later mu dentist comes in and finaly shows me the readings 137/101 which is really high especially for the diastolic. and these were the good numbers. The starting point was genuinely scary.

So here it is, starting here and now, this weight will be lost.